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Mask on. Mask off. Narrating Your Own Story in a Inconclusive Time.

When I pulled into Kathryn's driveway, her dog could not stop barking at me. "He ignored the turkey on my car and the deer and raccoons in the yard, but he has an aversion to people wearing masks," Kathryn explained.

Over the past 10 years, Presenting Perfection has expanded their scope and offer communication classes to individuals of all ages. "Our goal: Make you the narrator of your own story." No masks.

Kathryn is the founder of Presenting Perfection, based in Ridgewood with operations in Montclair and Ridgewood. She has designed courses for both kids and adults, educating kids, teens and adults the art of public speaking. "Presentation development and interpersonal communication are vital skills kids need to be successful communicators." She also works with Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners to discover the true meaning of their brand in a course entitled Branding 101.

"This whole thing has been tough on everyone. Everyday seems like the same day. A good friend told me she was unmotivated by all of the free time she had. I completely understand that. "We are really focused on doing programs aimed at helping people capitalize on all the ideas they have had during this time. Most kids aren't taught essential communication skills at school; Few schools offer courses in public speaking. We're here to fill in the gap."

For Presenting Perfection, the corporate training came to a screeching halt in mid-March. "We moved our group coaching and individual training online. I am doing webinars instead of live speeches." She's now offering discounts to clients on the trainings.

When I asked her thoughts on the future and what has been bolstering her spirits these days, she replied, "It is nice to see most people are going with the flow and adjusting to the new normal. There are so many people out walking, riding bikes and running. People are being so much friendlier and humane to each other."

Kathryn's son has been using the free time to explore his camera ("Something he never would have had time for prior to quarantine") and her daughter is soon to graduate middle school to high school at Montclair Kimberly Academy. We then had a Front Porch Session with her family in front of their newly renovated home, donning patriotic Stars and Stripes. "I think everyone is starved for social interaction. After this whole situation calms down, I hope the humanity and compassion for each other continues."

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If you are a business owner in Ridgewood or Montclair and would like to be part of our COVID Documentary Series, please visit for more information. We are now offering Front Porch Family sessions as well.

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