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Intuitive Distance Healing, "Into the Grey" and a Rescue. Meet Renee Jensen

You may know her as the founder of Mommy Time Out, Yin and Yang Mom or from her spiritual and mental health practice in Ridgewood, Renee Jensen, co-owner of 11 Eleven Healing Boutique, connects her passion for personal development with her Reiki practice and Spiritual Wellness Boutique. "I believe in the greater good of humanity and what we can achieve alone and as a collective body. I went through a really tough time in my childhood which carried over to the way I was operating as an adult. I discovered that I need to work on myself and heal and now I support those who are also looking for healing and growth." states Renee.

As she was carefully cleaning crystals, I asked her how the pandemic has affected her: "I always feel like I am in constant motion and transition in life. Its part of my own personal journey and growth process. I am no stranger unexpected changes and struggle. Myself, my family and my business were affected by the mortgage crisis a decade ago. Ten years later, I am dealing with similar but difference circumstances. I think I have a better bag full of tools this time around."

"We are in the process of moving our storefront online and offering delivery, shipping, and curbside pick up. We follow social distancing guidelines and make sure that we are utilizing masks. gloves, and whole heck of a lot of hand sanitizer!"

Nala, a dog she had rescued from a NYC shelter in March, was patrolling the store. "She has been one of the best things that has come from this crisis. Spending more time with my family has brought me great joy! My family has really needed her as much as she needs us."

I asked her about her hopes for the future. Renee replied, "The planet is in need of healing and I believe that radical events sometimes are necessary to bring about change. Like 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy, where the best of humanity came together to help each other, I think that this pandemic gives us another opportunity to rise up. Day by day..."

Renee partnered up with Doug Freidman from Undefeated Media on a new podcast project prior to the "shelter in place" order. They started filming the show "Into The Grey with Doug and Renee" from the 11Eleven Healing Boutique, focusing on the grey area of life and not just the black and white of every day issues, large or small. Since the pandemic, they record in separate places LIVE on Facebook and help promote other local businesses to add a light and fun edge to mental health. "We want to shift the community's attention from COVID-19 related news to topics that bring positivity and normalcy versus negativity and fear of change."

"Take the time to innovate," Renee advises. We took some video footage where she relates her shop had to close 2 weeks after opening and spoke about her feelings on school closings. See video below.

For more about Renee, her practice and boutique, visit her at or on social media at @11elevenhealing

If you are a business owner in Montclair or Ridgewood and would like to be a part of our COVID Small Business Documentary Series, please visit or follow us at @Village Studio on Facebook or @vsphotos_nj on Instagram.

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