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Until We Can Touch Again - Meet Darcy of Smart Intuitive Massage Group

"One day, I quit my stressful corporate job, turned in my Blackberry, and enrolled in massage school. This was the beginning of my journey into the world of wellness. I have never looked back." Darcy said as she welcomed me into her cozy massage studio on Valley Rd in Montclair. "Now, I focus on helping my clients get out of pain so they can live a more fulfilling life with greater movement and less stress."

In business for almost 20 years, having some clients regular for the past 16 years straight, Darcy was optimistic about the current COVID circumstances. "For someone in the business of touch, this was initially devastating. It has forced me to evaluate how I truly help my clients and how I can continue to do so. I've basically moved in with my boyfriend and his teenage son. It's been great and a learning experience. I have a new appreciation for mothers!"

To meet the current crisis regulations, she, like many others, has been conducting virtual coaching sessions. "I am using my expertise to guide clients through a self-care plan to stay out of pain and lower their stress until we can touch again." Working with many cancer survivors, Darcy specializes in Lymphatic drainage massage and showed me how she guides her clients through webconference. "I am even virtually teaching partner massage so those staying at home with loved ones can help each other with pain relief through comforting touch and massage."

Each day she tries to reach out to a few clients to see how they are doing. "They are so happy to hear from me and express how much they miss their regular sessions. I get a bit emotional sometimes. I have created wonderful new supportive friendships with colleagues from all over the country through my advanced training classes. There is a sense of comfort going through this as a community."

To connect with Darcy, she can be found at If you are a business owner in Montclair or Ridgewood and would like to be a part of our COVID Small Business Documentary Series, please visit

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