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COVID Concierge: Bringing the Shoe Store Right to Your Doorstep (Just in time for Mother's Day)

When business owner, Gabriella Vivas created DPARZ, she envisioned so much more than just a shoe boutique. Highlighting the modern woman, "DPARZ is a lifestyle that promotes confidence for all women. This is what identifies us and separates us from competing brands. We value individuality and uniqueness, and it is our pleasure to cater that for all of our wonderful customers."

The storefront, DPARZ Shoe Boutique is located in Ridgewood, New Jersey. "What makes us unique is that each shoe is uniquely made in only nine pairs and with 100% authentic leather material. What adds an exotic edge to each shoe is that they are all made in Brazil specifically by the hands of two designers - Tanara and Raphaella Booz."

In fact, Gabriela travels to Brazil twice a year to meet with the designers and customize a shoe collection that caters to the women who shop at DPARZ. This is why their motto, "Made for women, by women", holds true to its name. "We stand for nothing less than to make women feel confident in whichever pair of our shoes she chooses to conquer the world in."

The pandemic has impacted her tremendously. "As a small business, we look forward to meeting our customers personally and have the privilege of helping select and shop their favorite styles. Our store offers a friendly and welcoming atmosphere - something not many shoe companies have."

Reflecting on thier motto, “Made for women, by women,” Gabriela and her team are using this time to inspire women to remain positive and strong. Aiming to spread encouragement and optimism through their social media pages, they share activities such as cooking tutorials, gardening tips, and DYO facial masks. "Not only do these small activities provide a source of entertainment, but they inspire our customers to bring their family together and promote a sense of unity and connection during this difficult time."

Each day, DPARZ is promoting one strong woman on their social media channels. "We are having our valued customers, friends, and family share short videos relaying positive messages, and telling us how they shine their light during this difficult time. We are hoping these simple messages can help one another remain in high spirits during this difficult time."

Despite the current circumstances, she has been working on developing better online point-of-sale processes to make the online shopping experience an enjoyable one. "A new program we are excited to launch is entitled Try Before You Buy. This program will allow our customers to try AT HOME up to four pairs of shoes with only a $15 deposit. We want to bring that experience into their homes in an easy and affordable way. We believe that our Try Before You Buy program will offer the next best thing to our customers."

DPARZ is striving to make things like shopping for what you love as easy as possible for their customers. This month of May, they are also launching a Gift Card promotion that allows customers to buy a gift card of $100, and "receive an additional $25 gift card on us. This is the perfect treat for Mother’s Day."

Recognizing this is a difficult time for everyone, Gabriela has continued implementing philanthropy in her business practices. "We have been supporting our community Oasis-A Haven for Women & Kids. This charity has enabled us with the opportunity to donate 150 pairs of shoes to those in need. As well contributing to Ladies Savant Foundation Mother's Day project for Saint Joseph's Hospital on the NICU floor." DPARZ will be gifting a pair of shoes to 10 mothers who have been affected by COVID-19, and $20 gift cards for each of the remaining mothers."

When I asked Gabriela her hopes for the future, she was very positive. "We are optimistic that we will be able to reopen the store as soon as we are confident that it is safe to do so. We will be implementing social distancing measures to ensure the safety and health of our valued customers. DPARZ is privately owned which gives us the ability to control and execute all safety procedures necessary."

In addition to making sure all products are properly sanitized, DPARZ plans on requiring masks to be worn by customers in the store at all times and limiting the number of people allowed in the store at a time. "The goal is for customers to have a one-on-one shopping experience without having to worry about their safety."

DPARZ Shoe Boutique can be found at 12 S Broad St, Ridgewood or on Instagram @dparzshoes or Facebook @DPARZ. For more info on the Try Before You Buy program, check out If you are a business owner in Ridgewood or Montclair and would like to be included in our COVID19 Documentary Series, please visit to reserve your time. Follow us on IG @vsphotos_nj or FB @Village Studio/Photography by Jennifer Bladel

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