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Incorporating Fine Art

Take a behind the scenes look at one of our latest headshot sessions where photographer Jennifer Bladel photographs an aspiring model, Ellie Parker.

When I first saw Ellie, she had such a pure and sweet magic about her that I wanted to photograph her with soft tones that were light but also fun and that captured her youth and personality.

Getting a depth of her person, I adding different elements to the shoot to allow for some variety...When she came to me, she told me she appreciated the arts and wanted to incorporate some artistic elements into her shoot. HOW COULD I SAY NO?! I brought a beaded crystal mobile I had made to the studio as well as some fabric that I was dying to use on a shoot.

Ellie was the perfect subject to co-create with. Carrying through an floral and organic element: "The seed breaks open to allow the sprout to grow. The sprout breaks oven the ground to show the world what it was made for."

Black and white is perfect for capturing texture and grounding a body of work. I made sure I kept the monochrome in line with the rest of her images: not too heavy, not too dark.

In this behind-the-scenes video, we go into Village Studio's studio to glimpse a part of this photographic experience. Come and see what we captured.

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